Placement lecture

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We were told that if we want to do a placement yea that this lecture would be mandatory. Th elector was useful because i am intending to g on placement year and this gave me a lot of helpful information and advice on what to do and what i absolutely needed.

My notes…

Placement lecture

  • Optional
  • Extra 120 credits toward your degree
  • Will be put on degree so industry can see it
  • Every work placement is different
  • Find your work placement yourself- prepares you for the future
  • Must register with placement unit
  • Half student loan for the year
  • £500 payment fee to do placement year
  • Might have to take unpaid placement (payment for food travel would settle for)
  • MUST think about placements- what I want to do…
  • E-placements-/university e-mail address (log in- uni number without the ‘u’, – password = password)
  • Don’t apply to a company until you are ready to show your work
  • Cut off date September 2015- the start of next term

Placement contacts

  • Linda and Abbi- 01484: 471091/478518

Planning your placement

  • Skills/motivation/personality
  • Career aim
  • Testing ground

Creative CV







Personal development planning

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For this week’s tutorial we looked at Personal Development Planning with Tracy. The tutorial focused mainly on how we should plan for our future and Tracy gave us advice on how we can do this. We looked at a variety of things all of which I feel will be useful to me in the future. We then looked at writing CVs and the best way to go about this. She told us that we need to sell ourselves in a creative and interesting way. She showed us some of her past CVs as examples, telling us that we need to make sure that we stand out. We were told that design companies receive many CVs and often don’t have time to look at them all. Your CV is the first impression a company gets of you so it is really important to make some kind of impact.

Tracy Lannon placement lecture

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On wednesdays we rotate our workshops weekly so this week we had tracy and she gave us and introduction into placements and what we need to start thinking about if we went to do placement year next year. This is really helpful as most of us have no idea what to do or where to start.

my notes…

Tracy placement lecture- 08/10/14

Step 1

Swot- Analysis of yourself

Step 2

Action plan

  • Smart
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Keep ahead of the deadlines

Scope your time- (maybe get a planner


Dominic Goodrem…

Always be curious

Selling yourself

  • First impressions count- prepare for that moment
  • Show interesting snippets of work


  • Time management
  • Dealing with people on the phone
  • Team working
  • Always wanting to learn and improve
  • Show involvement
  • Knowledge of industry
  • Nurture creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Technology, experience, usability
  • Know the company

 Placement year

 Enterprise year

  • 3M Buckley- starting your own business
  • February application forms

Placement year in industry

  • Could go aboard (Germany
  • Could apply for Erasmus funding but would have to fund self through summer
  • Placement year finance = half loan
  • £500 fee
  • Could do multiple placements

Placement conference on Wednesday 5th November 3.30-5.00- CSW/10

Start CV

Online portfolio- (contextualised portfolio)

Cover letter

Show that you have grown creatively, professionally over placement year- to pass the year

  • Has to be a successful year
  • Keep a log about your placements.

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