Production Showreel 2015

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Today in Sara’s After Effects tutorial we worked on putting together a showreel using all of our pre-existing motion graphics animations from this year. The aim was to produce 30-40 seconds of material edited and played to music. I found that I liked working on the project and that I thought it was a really nice way of finishing the series of tutorials with Sara. At times I found certain aspects of working with the audio a little difficult I have never worked with sound in After Effects before, but overall really enjoyed working on the project and I am happy with my finished piece. I may edit it another time but for now I am happy with what I have Produced.

Vimeo description—> This showreel is a compilation of all the motion graphic animations that we have worked on this year in our production module. For this video we had to first pick music that we felt would work well with our work and then we had to trim and edit each video that we had worked on during the year so that it fit to the audio track that we had chosen. We had to be quite selective in how the video came together and what we were willing to remove because it didn’t work so well.

Vimeo video—>

This was really hard for me to get used to at first and I had never worked with audio before, which I found particularly difficult however I decided to make My rotoscoping the main focus of my production showreel given that it was the one that I felt that I had worked the hardest on and produced the best work out of all of the other tutorials, and I ended up taking a slightly comical approach to this workshop, which overall I really liked. I really appreciated the end result and it felt almost like I had created a quest of sorts and thought that all seemed to just work together. This was probably my favourite tutorial alongside my rotoscoping tutorial because it encompassed everything that we worked on, and although it was the most difficult I think it was the most rewarding, especially learning to use audio.


Sara’s Workshop- Week 5- Live Brief

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Today we worked on a live brief- working on an info graphics animation, which we will add the final overall video when complete. We created these animations using statistics loosely based around Huddersfield and surrounding places (which may or may not be slightly out of date in some cases) and this animation will also be put together with the other groups into an independent video with the other stats on the uni and student life etc.

Using illustrator we started to put together our 2 slides of information, each at 5 seconds of footage each (or we could choose just one of the statistics and create that as 10 seconds) and we had to consider font and the what will work well and also what we can accomplish in the limited amount of time that we have.

(for the key colour yellow we were given the RGB- R=235, G=227, B=50)

period of overlap between scenes- leave a few frames at the start of the slide for the changeover.

After the break we then continued on with animating the work we had first produced on illustrator…

The effects used for the type…

  • Fade up characters
  • Fade up lines
  • Fade up words

Other effects used

  • Write on
  • Scale- position
  • screen wipes for transition between slides

To create the screen wipe effect we created a new composition- new comp

W- 1920, H- 1080, 25 f/ps, 20 frames long

We then added a new solid which was w- 3000, H- 1080- we also effected it using distort- slant and put the playback head to 10 frames to start with- so that at 10 frames in the screen is consoled and then move the screen wipe position at 10 seconds on either side of the 10 frames.

Then we add all of the pre-comps to a main composition and add the swipe and then render out our animation- and this is my preliminary animation.

Vimeo video–>

Vimeo description–>

This was my first attempt at an info graphics animation- however I plan to have another tweak and play around with the effects I used because I feel like the is more that I can add and i want to learn more ways of using after affects.

3D Scene Animation

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To start this tutorial we went back into our illustrator file and made sure that our file was separated into 6-8 layers and also so that we could edit the art board. This is so that when the file was placed into After Effects, when using the camera tool to pan out, the edges of the art work that went off the page in illustrator would reveal themselves as the camera moved backwards. Set up in After Effects

  • Import edited art board file
  • must be edited to HD- W= 1920px, H= 1080px
  • import into After Effects
  • double click imported file to add to composition

When editing…

  • Create a null object (layer > new > null object) and then link all the other layers to the null object
  • Then select all the layers and change them to 3D- click on the cube button with all the layers still selected
  • Toggle screen so that all the layers are set apart
  • Add the camera tool- (Layer > new > camera) -with the settings being either 35mm or 50mm and 2 node view
  • Position the camera and then add a key frame at the beginning and the end so that the camera animates consistently
  • (and remember to re position the end of the animation so that you can not see the edges of the layers)


  • Highlight a layer and a texture- the go to layer > pre-compose
  • (make sure that leave all attributes is selected)

Adding Effects

  • Type in the Effects search bar- CC Page Turn and apply the effect to whatever you think works… either all of the layers or just some of the layers in the animation, however you don’t have to add it at all if you think it doesn’t fit with your layers.

Page turn settings…

  • Control where the page turn comes from using Classic UI > then setting the fold direction to -180 (so that it folds from underneath)

Final Video Vimeo description—> In the workshop today we were creating work inspired by MGMT’s music video ‘all we ever water was everything’ using a similar animation style they incorporated. We had to with the correctly set up illustrator files and make sure that we made are to re-scale layers in after effects so that they line up correctly. We also worked with adding textures and using age turn to work effectively the way we want. I didn’t really like the file I started with and didn’t enjoy working on this animation when we first started like i did with the others however as the day progressed I enjoyed the way my project was headed and I am moderately happy with the outcome. I am also happy that I could slightly link this video to previous ones we had done, so that when they are compiled together in one whole video, they will sort of link through.


I really enjoyed working on this motion graphics/animation and think that it could be my favourite so far, although there are a lot of improvements to make- I liked working with z space and learning to use the camera tool, which I have never used before. I tried to find a way to link this project to my previous projects and although I think it works, I doesn’t look the way I want it to.

Layer Sketch Animation

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For the third animation workshop we had I decided that I wanted all of my animations so sort of link together, but still be a little random at the same time. My first animation was of Emma Stone and my second animation of me rotoscoping a friend of mine called Tommy, who coincidentally looks like Tom Fletcher from Mcfly, so I wanted to keep to this them of celebrity and identity. At first this animation was to signify how its hard to keep your identity a secret when you are in the media, and it developed into a wanted add because of curiosity in magazines and in the papers and how we must know who everyone in the spotlight is, and what there up to. We were asked to sketch out an image three times by hand and after scanning the images in and editing the images on photoshop so that they lined up and layered together almost perfectly with a few anomalies of them being slightly different sketches. we then put them ion a new composition and looped the images so that it lasted the flu 10 seconds and imitated movements and then we went on to play around with learning how to draw text onto the composition, so that it looked like it was being wrote over the images in after effects and then I also decided to take it a step further and have a look at other text presets for finishing my animation.

This is the link to my Vimeo video —>

I really like how well this worked given how simple an effect that it was and how simple the image that I chose was, but I found that they fit really well and that I enjoyed working on this project in the tutorial.


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In sara’s workshop this week we learned how to rotoscope. It is a long drawn out process and it takes ours to even rotoscope seconds, especially if you are not skilled/practiced in after effects. It is a time consuming task but the rewards are sometimes worth it and I am enjoying it. I plan to rotoscope for a couple of hours each week so that I can finish my 10 clip.

Technical notes…

Sara’s workshop- rotoscoping- 19/11/14

  • Import video
  • Remove audio
  • Trim video
  • Preserve constant vertex- in preference settings
  • (after effects- preferences- general- 5 settings down- preserve constant vertex- turn off)
  • CMD short cuts- hold ‘cmd’ + the forward or backward key-
  • To select points one by one- hold shift to deselect key points- then hold shift again to select
  • Adjust each frame

Add effects…

  • Add to each key frame
  • Time re-map- layer menu- time – enable time re-mapping

To hold all frames- CTRL click 1 frame- toggle hold frames

-To drag out toggled work- select all- hold alt- select beginning or the end key frame- the make them shorter or last longer.

Select all- ‘cmd’ c- to copy

‘cmd’ v- paste

Layer menu- new solid

Render settings the same as before when we last animated


Same image needs to be drawn 3 times…. (trace)

Scanned in for digital footage

The technical aspects are similar in both this workshop and the last one in terms of setting up and rendering the document and footage.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.25.08

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.24.45   Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.25.03

links to videos —>

  • This is my very first video, I don’t really like it but I have left it up to show my progress. —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

this was my very first attempt at rotoscoping. the original aim was to produce 10 second rotoscoped video, however I only managed to rotoscope about half a second worth of footage in the time given. I then looped the footage but not for the whole 10 seconds because there was not much happening in this first video. Looking back now there are a lot of mistakes, however I plan to go back and finish it in my own free time.

  • This is the second video that I completed without background images. —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

This is the second video for my rotoscoping. I have finally finished my final rotoscoping however due to my weekly limit i cannot update it to vimeo yet, however this is an example of what i have done without the added backgrounds that are in my final movie. I managed to rotoscope roughly a second and a half of footage, which I then looped to create d10 seconds worth of film. With this video I just added a magenta colouring as the finish, but i then went on to for my next video adding backgrounds, however this increases the file size.

  • This is the final video link that have done so far —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

This is the latest video I have completed on my rototscoping project. It was unnecessary to make more than the first initial video but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to continue rotoscoping. For this video I just decided to have a little tuna and so I made t look like tommy went travelling, like he was on an adventure or sight seeing.

Illustration personal development

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Following up on sara’s first tutorial I decided that I wanted to get better at character illustration so decided that I wanted to do some more illustration to build up my skills. So some girls I know gave me permission to vectorise them and post them on my blog, which I hope will make me more confident when illustrating and using the tools. after i am comfortable using illustrator I hope to try illustrating males especially, but I want to set myself one a week roughly so that I can continue to build my skills.

This is in response too my very first illustration of emma stone, which will influence all of my other vectors that I plan to complete over the next couple of weeks as my own mini project- with my emma stone illustration being vector number 1.

I started with creating all of the lines for my vector and I then went onto adding skin colours to my original vector. I added shading and planned to add highlights to the hair. This I think worked quite well and we were originally we were told to keep it as simple as we wanted within reason, however I felt that it was maybe to simple and it would look more like her with a face even though I wasn’t comfortable creating faces in illustrator yet. I added the face and after spending was much time as necessary I felt that it worked really well and looked a lot more like her and less like some random illustration. This was the final result and I think overall I did quite a good vector, however it took me a long time and I want to become more comfortable using illustrator and being able to vector quicker, so I plan to do more illustrations in the future.

silhouette animation- tutorial 1

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This wednesday we had rotated again and this time we had a tutor called war. She is new and I want sure how her tutorials would be but have found that I love them. they are creative and in going her tutorials I become more and more comfortable on after effects- I am definitely a person who learns more by doing than just listening. We were told to illustrate someone of our choosing in illustrator so that we could animate it when transferred into after effects, the overall aim to produce a 10 second animation. we will be creating 10 seconds worth of footage every week and then adding them all together at the end to produce roughly a minute worth of footage. my technical notes… Sarah’s workshop- 15/10/14   File, import + choose a file -Can import as footage- flat document -Can import all of our layers- Keeps everything the same size -Retain layer sizes- trims layers to the size of the object on the layer   -Import all materials as sequences- deselect -Pal- everything we make this year- in composition stings materials need to be 1920 by 1080 -12 pixels- High Quality -25 frames a second- standard -N+SC Anchor points- hinges- pan behind tool- move every layer anchor point to the position you want to animate from.   Import textures folder- Rotation + Position -Window -Wiggler -Frequency + Magnitude -(5 per second) (e.g. 10) faster way of working   Add texture to the image-

  • Toggle, switches + modes
  • -Layer modes effect what happens with the layer bellow
  • -Traxmat layer directly above
  • -Alpha mat- in drop down menu

TU- apple prores 4444- H.264 Vimeo- 720 low res export   CHR + CMD- add to the render queue

  • Make sure its 25 frames
  • Length of composition
  • Lossless- exported as a QuickTime movie

This is the link to my video on Vimeo —>

(The Vimeo description bellow)

For my first Animation attempt in After Effects this year we had to animate an illustration that we had created for the workshop. At first I was not at all that good at illustrating people in illustrator after having been away for summer, so I had first animated the video with any facial features. However after some practice I became better at illustrating and went back to my original image and added facial features and a hat. The animation is fairly basic but I didn’t want to over complicate it. Some might say that it is boring but I like my animation and I am proud of the skills i have developed and the final outcome.

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