Nick’s Final Typography Workshop

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In this final workshop we worked in teams of roughly six and had to work on the tsk together. We were continuing with our manual type that we created, in a larger scale using the 4×4 grid but with A3 paper. As a group we had to decide on a phrase that we could all create together and on whether we were going to stick with a single font or mix and/or layer the different fonts created individually together. After much debate we decided on the phrase “time for some type” and then we ended up paired in twos to create a word each. And then we all just mixed together for the last word. After a good couple of hours doing work that took a lot longer then expected, although would have probably been easier if we had decided sooner, we finished our phrase, which surprisingly looks better, ten I thought it would. Of course some fonts worked better then others together and were to nice fonts on there own which produced a nice result in places particularly on word 1 and 3 and the ‘y’ in type was also particularly nice. Unfortunately in my opinion the word I worked on was the worst but I didn’t like the font to start with I was hardly like to like it afterwards.

For the final typography workshop I found that enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would, although I still disliked my font, it was really interesting working in a group and seeing and working with other peoples type. However the group dynamic was a bit hard to balance at the beginning it was really interesting to where we ended up in the end after we had managed to sort everything out.


Cereal Box Further Development

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Following on from our workshops with jay I decided that I wanted to continue my cereal box development and decided to turn my cereal box into a two (maybe 3) part promotion and design a cereal box aimed at boys, because the first cereal box seemed more stereotypically marketed towards girls. Because my previous cereal box created was called Tinkerbell’s, based off of the Tinkerbell films and Peter Pan I decided to make a peter pan and maybe the lost boys also.

This was so that I could further develop my ideas and if this were a real product, it would be to open up to another market. I decided to do this because I really enjoyed working on this project and creating the cereal boxes. Although currently my ideas are just designs the could be made into actual cereal boxes at a later date. although they are only sketches i think that they would work really well with the first designs that completed.

Original designs

The idea for this series packaging was because I don’t feel like it has really been done before and that it would be a really nice piece of development work and complete the project. I enjoyed this project much more than the first cinema 4D project mainly because I am much more comfortable with working in illustrator or even after effects and find it easier to produce work using software that I am comfortable with.

Production Showreel 2015

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Today in Sara’s After Effects tutorial we worked on putting together a showreel using all of our pre-existing motion graphics animations from this year. The aim was to produce 30-40 seconds of material edited and played to music. I found that I liked working on the project and that I thought it was a really nice way of finishing the series of tutorials with Sara. At times I found certain aspects of working with the audio a little difficult I have never worked with sound in After Effects before, but overall really enjoyed working on the project and I am happy with my finished piece. I may edit it another time but for now I am happy with what I have Produced.

Vimeo description—> This showreel is a compilation of all the motion graphic animations that we have worked on this year in our production module. For this video we had to first pick music that we felt would work well with our work and then we had to trim and edit each video that we had worked on during the year so that it fit to the audio track that we had chosen. We had to be quite selective in how the video came together and what we were willing to remove because it didn’t work so well.

Vimeo video—>

This was really hard for me to get used to at first and I had never worked with audio before, which I found particularly difficult however I decided to make My rotoscoping the main focus of my production showreel given that it was the one that I felt that I had worked the hardest on and produced the best work out of all of the other tutorials, and I ended up taking a slightly comical approach to this workshop, which overall I really liked. I really appreciated the end result and it felt almost like I had created a quest of sorts and thought that all seemed to just work together. This was probably my favourite tutorial alongside my rotoscoping tutorial because it encompassed everything that we worked on, and although it was the most difficult I think it was the most rewarding, especially learning to use audio.


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In sara’s workshop this week we learned how to rotoscope. It is a long drawn out process and it takes ours to even rotoscope seconds, especially if you are not skilled/practiced in after effects. It is a time consuming task but the rewards are sometimes worth it and I am enjoying it. I plan to rotoscope for a couple of hours each week so that I can finish my 10 clip.

Technical notes…

Sara’s workshop- rotoscoping- 19/11/14

  • Import video
  • Remove audio
  • Trim video
  • Preserve constant vertex- in preference settings
  • (after effects- preferences- general- 5 settings down- preserve constant vertex- turn off)
  • CMD short cuts- hold ‘cmd’ + the forward or backward key-
  • To select points one by one- hold shift to deselect key points- then hold shift again to select
  • Adjust each frame

Add effects…

  • Add to each key frame
  • Time re-map- layer menu- time – enable time re-mapping

To hold all frames- CTRL click 1 frame- toggle hold frames

-To drag out toggled work- select all- hold alt- select beginning or the end key frame- the make them shorter or last longer.

Select all- ‘cmd’ c- to copy

‘cmd’ v- paste

Layer menu- new solid

Render settings the same as before when we last animated


Same image needs to be drawn 3 times…. (trace)

Scanned in for digital footage

The technical aspects are similar in both this workshop and the last one in terms of setting up and rendering the document and footage.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.25.08

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.24.45   Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.25.03

links to videos —>

  • This is my very first video, I don’t really like it but I have left it up to show my progress. —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

this was my very first attempt at rotoscoping. the original aim was to produce 10 second rotoscoped video, however I only managed to rotoscope about half a second worth of footage in the time given. I then looped the footage but not for the whole 10 seconds because there was not much happening in this first video. Looking back now there are a lot of mistakes, however I plan to go back and finish it in my own free time.

  • This is the second video that I completed without background images. —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

This is the second video for my rotoscoping. I have finally finished my final rotoscoping however due to my weekly limit i cannot update it to vimeo yet, however this is an example of what i have done without the added backgrounds that are in my final movie. I managed to rotoscope roughly a second and a half of footage, which I then looped to create d10 seconds worth of film. With this video I just added a magenta colouring as the finish, but i then went on to for my next video adding backgrounds, however this increases the file size.

  • This is the final video link that have done so far —>

(The Vimeo video description bellow)

This is the latest video I have completed on my rototscoping project. It was unnecessary to make more than the first initial video but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to continue rotoscoping. For this video I just decided to have a little tuna and so I made t look like tommy went travelling, like he was on an adventure or sight seeing.

E4 E-sting tutorial 1- thumbnails

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For our first tutorial of the year we were given our brief and told that the project that we would be working on was creating a poster or an animation based on the E-sting competition that the E4 channel do every year. We were asked to design a poster (or for the animators a film) that is primarily aimed at the E4 channels target market, 15-35 years old that we thought best reflected the E4 channel. We started with thumbnail visuals and creating our ideas on paper. In the end we will be putting or designs into cinema 4D and using it as a graphic design tool rather than an animating tool. We also had to develop a tagline, which at first I didn’t like but once I understood the task a bit more then I realised that it wasn’t so bad and that it was actually kind of interesting.


Image 1: Initial ideas

Image 2: After I created my thumbnail visuals I then developed 4 of my ideas further…

Image 3: After looking at type I started placing the whole image together and getting it layer out the way I wanted it. I even almost added a person into the scene but as soon as I had drawn it I instantly changed my mind and decided that it would distract from the image.

Image 4: more type placement…

Image 5: finalising the type placement…

Image 6: I played around with the final layout and also incorporating someone into the space.

Image 7: For the next session I then made sure that I had the final idea in the correct format in the case that we might be putting it together in the next session.

Image 8: When my final idea was complete, I thought about making it an animation because I was intrigued by the possibilities of it being both a flat image and a moving image. I looked at first the gads of the clocks moving and then more focused on just the hands of the E4 clocks moving to add to my tag line- “there is always time for E4′

Image 9: and then I also played around with the idea of the clocks melting down the wall.

I found that upon reflection that this was my favourite part of the project. I really enjoyed working on the development of the idea much more than the final idea itself in Cinema 4D. I have found that I don’t like using cinema 4D, as much as the software amazes me, and so I couldn’t enjoy continuing on to finish this project. However I want to learn to use the software better and become more comfortable working cinema 4D and to improve the work that i have already started.





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