Nick’s Final Typography Workshop

April 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

In this final workshop we worked in teams of roughly six and had to work on the tsk together. We were continuing with our manual type that we created, in a larger scale using the 4×4 grid but with A3 paper. As a group we had to decide on a phrase that we could all create together and on whether we were going to stick with a single font or mix and/or layer the different fonts created individually together. After much debate we decided on the phrase “time for some type” and then we ended up paired in twos to create a word each. And then we all just mixed together for the last word. After a good couple of hours doing work that took a lot longer then expected, although would have probably been easier if we had decided sooner, we finished our phrase, which surprisingly looks better, ten I thought it would. Of course some fonts worked better then others together and were to nice fonts on there own which produced a nice result in places particularly on word 1 and 3 and the ‘y’ in type was also particularly nice. Unfortunately in my opinion the word I worked on was the worst but I didn’t like the font to start with I was hardly like to like it afterwards.

For the final typography workshop I found that enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would, although I still disliked my font, it was really interesting working in a group and seeing and working with other peoples type. However the group dynamic was a bit hard to balance at the beginning it was really interesting to where we ended up in the end after we had managed to sort everything out.


Nick’s Typography Development

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In this workshop with Nick we continued to develop our fonts that we had worked on in the workshop before, however in this workshop we were to decide on a font and start creating the phrase that we had also picked in the workshop previously or in our own time. The task was to transfer it onto an A5 piece of paper, using a letter per each sheet. We were to continue our development and to keep working on these fonts or our final font in preparation for our final workshop in another three weeks time. I didn’t necessarily enjoy this workshop as much of the other two workshops that we rotate between, because although I am interested in creating my own typography, I also find it extremely difficult to come up with ideas that I like and want to work on. The main issue I also have is that makes it less enjoyable is that I want it to look good and work out well but I can just never get it quite right. I think that Nick’s workshops are really laid-back and it gives you room to relax and just have a little fun while doing the task set, and it is also useful to learn the process of creating a font for the future.

After the workshop I decided to try out a new font type and although I enjoyed it immensely, because it was based off of Disney and I love Disney and the way it tuned out it wasn’t really a workable/usable font. It worked under the principle of negative space, with background relating to the move/character the letter represented.

Nick Deakin- Typography week 1

February 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

During the third switch of our wednesdays tutorials this term- we had nick this week and we started doing experimental typography. I found this quite difficult and I am not going to lie it didn’t get much easier as the day went on as typography is not my forte. we had a typography brief last year and it was a struggle all the way though- it was easier in some ways because that was based off of something we liked or a piece of work we were shown but it was also harder then because I had never done typography before, and it didn’t really come together for me until the last 2 weeks of the project- where my font was ok however it only really stood out when I had my project laser cut out of perspex. This project is purely a way of experimenting and it is so hard not to copy someone else’s type and it is also harder than before because we are actually working with a specific phrase, and we are confined to only 16 boxes- or so at first I thought. I struggled to produce anything I really liked but this is what I preliminarily came up with…

I started by experimenting with the phrase that I wanted to use in my grid and where I wanted it to go- mainly with simple designs, which sort of worked but were not quite right.

I then branched off with complete mix of type, which are all just terrible and I don’t even understand where they came from in relocation to what my phrase is saying and where I was heading during the day but nether the less this is what appeared on the paper. i contemned on with the curly font but thought that also didn’t fit what i wanted r look good in general really.

I then realised that one of mixed font actually looked like a face and found a certain sense of coincidence and irony in playing around with that as a font idea- however in arctic didn’t work out so well and was left behind- in favour of me going back to

my start type and playing a little more with them two and mixing them and though nice-  They weren’t great and I just though to myself why am I confining myself to the boxes-he said they were the amount of boxes we were aloud to work with however when you remove the lines all that is left is just space- so over the next week I plan to work a little bit more of stretching the boundaries of what I am capable of achieving while not confining my self to the amount of spaces I have been allotted.

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