Derek hales- design practice in context 2

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This was the first lecture of the year, where we were briefed on our theory module and what would be expected of us this year. We were told about a the essay, essay poster and essay abstract that we will be working on throughout the year

, but that we also need to work on a contextual portfolio throughout the year, which shows our interests and our professional practice…

Design in context 2- Derek Hales- 03/10/14


Task 2- equivalent 5000 words

Contextual portfolio-> 50% of module


  • It relates to how we are inspired.
  • What we are doing outside of studio but not limited to…
  • Whatever we are doing- book reviews, magazines, galleries, photo’s, inspiration.
  • Anything and everything interesting and inspiring to us
  • Getting a sense of ourselves- what we like and what we like to do
  • Work to prepare us for placement
  • Let what inspires us ink to some of our studio work- who that you are interested in your projects but have other interests


Task 1- split into 3 components

->Visualising ad writing design theory

Equivalent to 5000 words


Term 1

  1. – An ‘abstract’ for an essay (condensed form of writing)
  2. – An essay ‘poster’ (a visual and written proposition)
  3. – A 2500 word essay


  1. – How are we going to refine and essay question and then form and also a 500-word abstract that will introduce our essay
  • A really focused piece of writing- almost developing our own writing style
  • (Go to the writing workshops in November)


  • Develop a question/problem
  • Relations between art, design and philosophy
  • Identify key technologies, techniques, theorists
  • (Production of an essay)


Term 2

  1. – ‘Poster’ – a piece of visual storytelling/ a visual argument to support our essay
  • All forms of persuasion and persuasive communication
  • Formative feedback on the poster but no grade
  • (Finished alongside the essay)


  1. – Fully referencing and writing a full bibliography/ could be creative or more academic
  • Can be close to the style of copywriting
  • Stay within certain structures.



Task 2

  1. Maintain a contextual portfolio
  2. Archive and annotate entries continuously
  3. Reflect on entries in summery to a to
  4. Total word count of 5000 words

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