Securing a Placement Tutorial

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Form a group of between 3 or 5 people.

There are a range of useful resources such as links to professional advice from professional animators, designers and organizations and PDFs on how to put together portfolios etc

As a group we had to determine the key aspects of searching for and securing a placement:

  •  identifying how to find companies that might be interested in taking you on a placement
  •  considering the best way to make first contact with these companies
  •  putting together and designing a showreel or portfolio
  •  showing this showreel or portfolio to the companies you are interested in
  •  obtaining useful feedback
  •  following up on your first contact
  • In 3 hours – we had to work as a group to produce a well designed digital presentation (PDF, PowerPoint etc) that professionally communicates our findings and opinions regards the 6 key aspects above and any other information you think is vital for a student trying to secure a placement.
    we had to then have this ready to present to the group by 12.15pm

However Darren was ill and so we had to e-mail him our power point presentation for which we were then given feedback for after we had submitted it. we did fairly well although he wanted us to think about the design aspects of it a little more so that it stands out.

I think that this helped in response to our own personal development when looking for placements and that we learned a little bit more about what companies and potential employers are looking for when it comes to our work and professional practice. I also think it also gave everyone something to think about when it comes to working towards placement and a guide as to not only what we will need but also what we will gain from placement year.


Tracy Lannon placement lecture

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On wednesdays we rotate our workshops weekly so this week we had tracy and she gave us and introduction into placements and what we need to start thinking about if we went to do placement year next year. This is really helpful as most of us have no idea what to do or where to start.

my notes…

Tracy placement lecture- 08/10/14

Step 1

Swot- Analysis of yourself

Step 2

Action plan

  • Smart
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Keep ahead of the deadlines

Scope your time- (maybe get a planner


Dominic Goodrem…

Always be curious

Selling yourself

  • First impressions count- prepare for that moment
  • Show interesting snippets of work


  • Time management
  • Dealing with people on the phone
  • Team working
  • Always wanting to learn and improve
  • Show involvement
  • Knowledge of industry
  • Nurture creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Technology, experience, usability
  • Know the company

 Placement year

 Enterprise year

  • 3M Buckley- starting your own business
  • February application forms

Placement year in industry

  • Could go aboard (Germany
  • Could apply for Erasmus funding but would have to fund self through summer
  • Placement year finance = half loan
  • £500 fee
  • Could do multiple placements

Placement conference on Wednesday 5th November 3.30-5.00- CSW/10

Start CV

Online portfolio- (contextualised portfolio)

Cover letter

Show that you have grown creatively, professionally over placement year- to pass the year

  • Has to be a successful year
  • Keep a log about your placements.

Industry Mapping and Forecasting Activities

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For the second week of our tutorial we had alternated into our tutor Darren’s tutorial where we had been set tasks in groups all to do about placements and the industry.

Task 1

  • Form a group of minimum 3 and maximum 5 people.
  • Produce a ‘visual map’ of the creative industries – include all your group knows regards the possible jobs, futures, areas and/or opportunities that you currently know and understand are open to graduates of a course such as this.
  • Stick your ‘map’ up on the wall – devise a 5min group presentation that explains your groups approach to this challenge and your results.

Task 2

Still in your groups, we then logged onto unilearn and looked for the folder labelled ‘Job Advert Websites’.

As a group we had to visit, review, discuss and make notes regards what you find most interesting and potentially useful regards the job adverts available.

Create a list of the possible jobs and roles you could do as a result of graduating with a design related degree.

Produce a list of the skills, competencies and knowledge you feel you need to:




Task 3 was to imagine the world in 2060 and to come up with ideas of what the design would would be like then. We had to consider…

– Environmental issues (deforestation, global warming etc)

– Peak Oil (the reduction of oil stocks and rising prices)

– Population Growth (effect on resources etc)

– War and political instability

– Disease

img_2005 img_2008

We picked disease and we imagined needing a survival kit and how everything in 2060 would be greatly exaggerated.


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