Essay Poster Inspiration 2- Animation Sequence Project

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Poster Idea 2- Post-It-Notes

I then moved on to the idea of a a post-it-note-poster, which I thought was clever way of making an interactive poster that is not defined by the frame. I thought also that it would be a good idea because of the way that it gives the user/viewer control of the pace and also how they interact with the content and how they choose to ‘see’ the poster. I really liked the idea of making a physical poster that can be constructed, deconstructed, moved, portrait or landscape, interactive and also flexible, with many other qualities.

However the drawbacks were that all tough post-it-notes are flexible in terms of position they are inflexible when considered for the amount of surface area given to work with and the required a lot of hand drawn typography. It would be hard to keep the Post-it-notes in good condition and the would be hard to keep stacked for the beginning of the poster.

But because I liked the idea still of an interactive poster and the flexibility of the post it notes, I talked to my tutor Rob and we decided that i would make the essay cards on the computer so that they are replaceable, and reusables and I would add the top of the post-it-note to the back of the cards so that they would retain the flexibility of the post-it-note. that way the peter can still be constructed, deconstructed, moved, portrait or landscape, interactive and also flexible, amongst other things.

These are examples of my poster cue cards without the text or editing—>

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Sara’s Fairytale Workshop

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During workshop week I attended the Wednesday workshop with our tutor Sara in which we worked on a fairytale together as a group. At the beginning of the day we were briefed on what we were going to be producing and showed us examples of what she wanted us to produce at the end.

The first video we looked at was La queue de la souris —>

The second video we looked at was The Animation Sequence Project —>

The first video was to get a fell for the style of animation used in the video and how things are linked and the second video, whilst being an example of good practice and good animation, it was also the main idea of how we were going to connect our animations together. The idea was to use the square in the animation (either at the beginning, end or throughout the animation) and use that to connect so many different animation styles.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 09.42.42

We were told to pick a piece of paper out of a bucket which would be the scene that we would then be working n during the day, each scene would be 10 seconds long and there would 31 scenes. Vladimir Propp a Russian theorist said the idea is that all fairytales can be broken down into 31 function, which was why there was 31 scenes for us to work with. there are basic set of characters involved such as the hero, princess, good guy and the bad guy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 09.42.55

The fairytale we worked on was to be a modern day fairytale and we were all given a scene and characters to work with. I picked at random scene 31, which was the wedding. I tried to keep the traditional look of a fairy tale whilst also bringing a modern twist where the princess turns out to be the main character- the hero -and not the prince. I created all of the images in the first half of the day in illustrator and then went on to create the final 10 second most ion graphics in the afternoon. I don’t think that my animations are ever really that consistent or that I have developed my own style ether and although that would be nice, I like that I am always trying something new and experimenting with my projects and with what I know on After Effects. Some could say that my projects are maybe a little ambitious, however for me it is more important to learn all that I can and gain all of the knowledge in After Effects that I can rather than to just get a good result by playing it safe ad be unhappy with it. There is no guarantee that playing it safe will produce a good result either.

This is the fist scene that I created in Illustrator. I then created a document with the After Effects measurements, and the placed the illustration in this document and re-sized the illustration. Then I created the princess but added a little twist in the animation that cannot be scene in this image, where the dress falls off to reveal a not so stereotypical princess underneath, however I do wish that I had made the dress white, because it was meant to be a wedding scene. I also created the thrown room for the end scene, which would not be seen at the beginning of the animation but would reveal itself, further on.

scene 2

The idea for changing my design^^

This is a link to the finished 10 second of my animation on Vimeo—>

Overall I really enjoyed working on the project and have found that I really enjoy illustrating fairytales and animating them afterwards, whether they are my own or whether the originally belong to someone else. I also just really enjoy working on motion graphics. For this project I considered changing aspects of the illustration, but I then decided that I liked it enough the way it is and I am much more interested in displaying the ideas and the concepts for now, however I may go back to this animation at a later date and update after I have learned more on After Effects.



The Art of Looking Sideways- Untitled- Final Redacted Text

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Earlier on in the year Rob loans me ‘the art of looking sideways book’ because he told me once how he had made his own sketchbook by scanning in pages from this book and doing a different page everyday. I really liked this idea and thought that the book was particularly useful to my practice because of the many forms of inspiration in the book, and so I wanted to choose a pice of the text that I had read in the book all about the design. The design of this page also helped influence the design of my redacted text also.


The design that I finally chose, I think reflected the book, from which the extract was taken and I think work well in a minimal way. I tried a lot of different experimentation but it was hard to get them just right, as with the final design it just didn’t seem to fit. However I looked back at the original and changed it ever so slightly to git my purpose and tried to also get all of the quotes to fit this time. Hopefully this time it looked a lot better designed, even given how simple it was. I created a PDF document with the review, the layout of the text and a redacted version of the chosen text.

This was the final design that I submitted for the redacted text of ‘the art of looking sideways’. —>

Overall this wasn’t my favourite assignment, as I generally struggle with theory anyway, but I did enjoy aspects of the mini series of assignments that resulted in this spread and I enjoyed the process. If I could go back I know that there is a lot that i might do differently but in the end I am happy with what I produced.

Projection Mapping Project- Creating The Animation

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Now that we had our ideas we decided to meet up of a day and plan how we were going to do it. Firstly we decided that we would work together on both the animation and graphics side of the project. I decided that it would be easier for me to create the complex vector graphics in Illustrator, especially the person because of all the work I had previously been doing, vectoring once a week to improve my skills for my own benefit and that Bronwyn would do the more simple object such as the tower and trees in the background. Then as myself and Bronwyn would do into After Effects Animation with the layers we created and animate it together, so that we both utilised and improved our skills and showed that we can both use Illustrator and After Effects, but also to split the workload.

I went through a few different designs, based off of Disney’s Rapunzel in tangled but tried to keep it from looking to much like the disney version although the face is still very similar…

The idea was that the camera at the start would be closed in on the tower and as the camera slowly panned upwards the leaves/vines (I had animated before) would start to appear on the tower. Then once the camera had reached the top of the tower and you could see the princess the camera would start zooming outwards as doing so the princesses’ hair would start running down the front of the tower and the woods in the background start to move upwards from the bottom of the composition. We found out that this was a lot harder to do with the camera then first expected, but in the end we figured it out, because in one of my tutorials with Sara I had stumbled upon masking and we had decided to mask out everything but the the little viewing window, in place of the camera, and mimic the movement we wanted with that technique.

We had already decided that we would use the page turn effect for the leaves going up and the write on effect so the hair slowly grows downwards.

These are the final illustrated designs for the initial idea…

This has by far been my favourite project to date and I am learning so many things from this collaboration, it has been so beneficial. I has helped me improve not only my Illustration skills but also my skills on After Effects, which has in turn helped my studio practice. I have really enjoyed working for and with Sebastien and Lewis and it has been a great experience up until now and I am looking forward to the symposium where hopefully we will be showing the finished video, which is initially finished now but we still have improvements to make and finishing touches to add and we will be adding the finished video after the exhibition, along with images and a video of the installation.

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Thursday workshop week- Ice challenge

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Originally I had signed up to the Matt Whitewood lecture for my elected workshop- ‘man vs. machine’. However I ended up going to an all day ice challenge, live competition brief. This was useful to my practice because when I am in the industry I will have to perform to short deadlines and so this was practice as to what it would be like. The main thing though is that it is something that I could put on my portfolio and talk about in great detail.The brief was to design a pendant light for a company called pacific ocean lifestyle. During the challenge we were given 4 hours to come up with design ideas, a final design, prices and materials, we also in our group produced a mock up model even thug that was not required. The groups we were put in were random, however I was lucky to have been in a group with mixed subject specialities. In my group there was an architect, an interior designer and an engineer alongside me. Overall we didn’t win the design challenge but the experience was beneficial, and they really liked our innovative design and model.

In this workshop I learned a lot about, not only how to work in a group but also to how other creative people from other disciplines worked through a problem. It was good practice to get used to group work because for our studio briefs we are not usually put into groups and I know that in industry we will have to collaborate with others on projects and be able to work and interact with clients. It was also nice to collaborate with people with different skills because it meant that more could be achieved during the challenge then might have otherwise been possible. This helped advance the project and created a better outcome and a new experience of interacting with people that you don’t see on a day to day basis.

Roots- Chris Margerison

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For the very first brief that we were given I was looking of some inspiration of where to take my project next when we were given a lecture that included this collaberated animation by Chris Margerison and Jamie Hamilton—>

I found that I really liked everything about this video- I thought that the song was catchy and that I really liked the design style and how simple yet effective it was and how they both woke well together. And although at first I put it out of my mind as merely something interesting while I tried to get back into the flow of work, however while I was still distracted I decided to re-visit the video and found that the tree stuck with me and it inspired the thoughts of how trees grow and the significance that can have in other situations. I was drawn to idea that sometime we say things we don’t mean or when we don’t realise there affect, just the roots of a reaction to something or someone that we can often try to belittle or put down, sometimes without conscious thought and often though the words can start small they can often grow and evolve into things not previously anticipated or unthought of at the time and can almost take on a life of there own. Much like trees, which start small but overtime grow and become something more than just roots.

This lead me to attempting an animation/motion graphics, whig is something that I have never tried before. and it turned out that I really liked it, even thug the year before I hated everything to do with after effects, learning it off my own back and doing something for me really opened up my eyes to how much I really like the software. I found that I really liked after effects and plan to use it a lot more in the future and for my practice if I can.

Whilst looking another video that also influenced this project for me was The Hunter (theatrical Instillation) by Davy and Kristin McGuire, I found that this was also something that reinforced my idea about animating the my tree of words. Although this is also seemingly unrelated to my practice i found it beautiful and I really wanted to test the idea of animating a tree.

The Hunter (theatrical Instillation) by Davy and Kristin McGuire—>

Vimeo Description

For my conversation brief this year I decided to ‘branch’ out and create an animation that could relate to my work. The concept behind this animation was to show how words can hurt, and although they can start off as innocent they can soon grow until you have no control over the effects it will have. Its fairly simple but I also think that it is very effective. This was just one of my rough drafts but I think that simplicity of it is really effective.

This is rough of the animate that I am working on—>

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