Cereal Box Further Development

March 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Following on from our workshops with jay I decided that I wanted to continue my cereal box development and decided to turn my cereal box into a two (maybe 3) part promotion and design a cereal box aimed at boys, because the first cereal box seemed more stereotypically marketed towards girls. Because my previous cereal box created was called Tinkerbell’s, based off of the Tinkerbell films and Peter Pan I decided to make a peter pan and maybe the lost boys also.

This was so that I could further develop my ideas and if this were a real product, it would be to open up to another market. I decided to do this because I really enjoyed working on this project and creating the cereal boxes. Although currently my ideas are just designs the could be made into actual cereal boxes at a later date. although they are only sketches i think that they would work really well with the first designs that completed.

Original designs

The idea for this series packaging was because I don’t feel like it has really been done before and that it would be a really nice piece of development work and complete the project. I enjoyed this project much more than the first cinema 4D project mainly because I am much more comfortable with working in illustrator or even after effects and find it easier to produce work using software that I am comfortable with.


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