Sara’s Fairytale Workshop

March 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

During workshop week I attended the Wednesday workshop with our tutor Sara in which we worked on a fairytale together as a group. At the beginning of the day we were briefed on what we were going to be producing and showed us examples of what she wanted us to produce at the end.

The first video we looked at was La queue de la souris —>

The second video we looked at was The Animation Sequence Project —>

The first video was to get a fell for the style of animation used in the video and how things are linked and the second video, whilst being an example of good practice and good animation, it was also the main idea of how we were going to connect our animations together. The idea was to use the square in the animation (either at the beginning, end or throughout the animation) and use that to connect so many different animation styles.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 09.42.42

We were told to pick a piece of paper out of a bucket which would be the scene that we would then be working n during the day, each scene would be 10 seconds long and there would 31 scenes. Vladimir Propp a Russian theorist said the idea is that all fairytales can be broken down into 31 function, which was why there was 31 scenes for us to work with. there are basic set of characters involved such as the hero, princess, good guy and the bad guy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 09.42.55

The fairytale we worked on was to be a modern day fairytale and we were all given a scene and characters to work with. I picked at random scene 31, which was the wedding. I tried to keep the traditional look of a fairy tale whilst also bringing a modern twist where the princess turns out to be the main character- the hero -and not the prince. I created all of the images in the first half of the day in illustrator and then went on to create the final 10 second most ion graphics in the afternoon. I don’t think that my animations are ever really that consistent or that I have developed my own style ether and although that would be nice, I like that I am always trying something new and experimenting with my projects and with what I know on After Effects. Some could say that my projects are maybe a little ambitious, however for me it is more important to learn all that I can and gain all of the knowledge in After Effects that I can rather than to just get a good result by playing it safe ad be unhappy with it. There is no guarantee that playing it safe will produce a good result either.

This is the fist scene that I created in Illustrator. I then created a document with the After Effects measurements, and the placed the illustration in this document and re-sized the illustration. Then I created the princess but added a little twist in the animation that cannot be scene in this image, where the dress falls off to reveal a not so stereotypical princess underneath, however I do wish that I had made the dress white, because it was meant to be a wedding scene. I also created the thrown room for the end scene, which would not be seen at the beginning of the animation but would reveal itself, further on.

scene 2

The idea for changing my design^^

This is a link to the finished 10 second of my animation on Vimeo—>

Overall I really enjoyed working on the project and have found that I really enjoy illustrating fairytales and animating them afterwards, whether they are my own or whether the originally belong to someone else. I also just really enjoy working on motion graphics. For this project I considered changing aspects of the illustration, but I then decided that I liked it enough the way it is and I am much more interested in displaying the ideas and the concepts for now, however I may go back to this animation at a later date and update after I have learned more on After Effects.




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