Projection Mapping Project- Creating The Animation

February 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Now that we had our ideas we decided to meet up of a day and plan how we were going to do it. Firstly we decided that we would work together on both the animation and graphics side of the project. I decided that it would be easier for me to create the complex vector graphics in Illustrator, especially the person because of all the work I had previously been doing, vectoring once a week to improve my skills for my own benefit and that Bronwyn would do the more simple object such as the tower and trees in the background. Then as myself and Bronwyn would do into After Effects Animation with the layers we created and animate it together, so that we both utilised and improved our skills and showed that we can both use Illustrator and After Effects, but also to split the workload.

I went through a few different designs, based off of Disney’s Rapunzel in tangled but tried to keep it from looking to much like the disney version although the face is still very similar…

The idea was that the camera at the start would be closed in on the tower and as the camera slowly panned upwards the leaves/vines (I had animated before) would start to appear on the tower. Then once the camera had reached the top of the tower and you could see the princess the camera would start zooming outwards as doing so the princesses’ hair would start running down the front of the tower and the woods in the background start to move upwards from the bottom of the composition. We found out that this was a lot harder to do with the camera then first expected, but in the end we figured it out, because in one of my tutorials with Sara I had stumbled upon masking and we had decided to mask out everything but the the little viewing window, in place of the camera, and mimic the movement we wanted with that technique.

We had already decided that we would use the page turn effect for the leaves going up and the write on effect so the hair slowly grows downwards.

These are the final illustrated designs for the initial idea…

This has by far been my favourite project to date and I am learning so many things from this collaboration, it has been so beneficial. I has helped me improve not only my Illustration skills but also my skills on After Effects, which has in turn helped my studio practice. I have really enjoyed working for and with Sebastien and Lewis and it has been a great experience up until now and I am looking forward to the symposium where hopefully we will be showing the finished video, which is initially finished now but we still have improvements to make and finishing touches to add and we will be adding the finished video after the exhibition, along with images and a video of the installation.

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