Rob Lycett Seminar 3- Redaction

February 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

In todays seminar we talked about redacted reading- About the inverted application of highlighting

– you remove the unnecessary information

We looked at page 1 of great expectations- we will all be re-designing the same page of text like in this book where they re-designed the first page of the book all in different styles.

  • Mostly when we see redaction it is the blacking out of text
  • However sometimes we still see a pattern structure
  • Consider original text as a database of words
  • Diagram tic layers over the top
  • Can form new meanings through the redacted text

The homework from this lecture was for us to redact the first things first manifesto, which we will eventually put into a 4 page spread that we will all each contribute to a book that we are putting together. to do this we used robs font redacted regular and redacted black.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 15.35.36


This was a fun little assignment where we got to redact text to create the same message but paraphrased or what we thought the actual meaning of the text was in a new and creative way instead of just re-writing it out. It was also fun to see how others approached this task and what they come up with. It was also relatively straightforward enough to give your brain a little rest while still being somewhat challenging in deciding on what message you wanted to portray.



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