Brendan Dawes-

February 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

This weeks we had a guest lecture by Brendan Dawes, which I found quite interesting and held my attention a little bit to much that I hardly took any notes but this is what I learned.

  • He is interested in new technologies and new ways around a problem
  • He is interested in all the possibilities there are
  • What we can do- and how it will impact the world

he was completely fascinated by pencils- was the overall message I took from the lecture- liked to make analogies using pencils a lot and even offered out free pencil for those who asked questions at the end.

  • He is interested in the complexity behind the pencil
  • He thinks its important to put work out there that upsets people
  • He likes the idea of point of chaos- he wants a reaction- want designs that causes a reaction

( he annotated that the rubber of the pencil is ‘undo’, the end of the pencil is for ‘new’ and the middle of the pencil is ‘progress’)

He created an app called doodlebug- which was for searching the news for stories and it brings up related topics. The interphase was taken away and you had to draw a line to receive the information- the longer the line the more information you received.

Main messages…

  • A lot of what we see are iterations of other ideas…
  • Put your work out there
  • – try and cause a reaction
  • You never know what will happen
  • Not everyone will love your designs

He likes 3D printing- and creating waves especially using 3D printing

Human leaks- sound of the cloud/joy devision

Using music to create 3D models

Pushing the 3D model using code and then 3D printing it

I found this lecture t be ok and although there were interesting points some of the lecture just didn’t hold my attention. Some of his work was really invested and I liked learning about the 3D printing he had done and found that he had an amusing fascination with the pencil, however some of his work was a little less than interesting and therefore harder to pay attention to and i found my mind wandering.


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