Alison Rowley- photography lecture 3- 02.02.15

February 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

For this lecture we looked at Richard Billingham’s, Ray’s a laugh, scalo work and a little about the history behind them and him.


We learned that Richard took photographs to show the reality of life and how it is not always so pretty. His parents were alcoholics and his brother went into care and he had to look after his father. He originally took the photographs of his family and home life to paint but was told his photographs were better then his paintings. It is obvious that he loves his family and he wanted to show them in the best way he could, and he got through his lot in life by using art to excel and focus, and ‘made the best out of a bad situation’.


We also watched a documentary called housing problems by Arthur Elton and E.M. Ansty- and in this documentary rather then asserting the need for new housing they showed real living conditions and had the people who lived there talk about the conditions they faced daily and filmed facing the camera dead on and just stated the benefits of relocation.


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