The Art of Looking Sideways- Untitled- Final Redacted Text

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Earlier on in the year Rob loans me ‘the art of looking sideways book’ because he told me once how he had made his own sketchbook by scanning in pages from this book and doing a different page everyday. I really liked this idea and thought that the book was particularly useful to my practice because of the many forms of inspiration in the book, and so I wanted to choose a pice of the text that I had read in the book all about the design. The design of this page also helped influence the design of my redacted text also.


The design that I finally chose, I think reflected the book, from which the extract was taken and I think work well in a minimal way. I tried a lot of different experimentation but it was hard to get them just right, as with the final design it just didn’t seem to fit. However I looked back at the original and changed it ever so slightly to git my purpose and tried to also get all of the quotes to fit this time. Hopefully this time it looked a lot better designed, even given how simple it was. I created a PDF document with the review, the layout of the text and a redacted version of the chosen text.

This was the final design that I submitted for the redacted text of ‘the art of looking sideways’. —>

Overall this wasn’t my favourite assignment, as I generally struggle with theory anyway, but I did enjoy aspects of the mini series of assignments that resulted in this spread and I enjoyed the process. If I could go back I know that there is a lot that i might do differently but in the end I am happy with what I produced.


Projection Mapping Project- Creating The Animation

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Now that we had our ideas we decided to meet up of a day and plan how we were going to do it. Firstly we decided that we would work together on both the animation and graphics side of the project. I decided that it would be easier for me to create the complex vector graphics in Illustrator, especially the person because of all the work I had previously been doing, vectoring once a week to improve my skills for my own benefit and that Bronwyn would do the more simple object such as the tower and trees in the background. Then as myself and Bronwyn would do into After Effects Animation with the layers we created and animate it together, so that we both utilised and improved our skills and showed that we can both use Illustrator and After Effects, but also to split the workload.

I went through a few different designs, based off of Disney’s Rapunzel in tangled but tried to keep it from looking to much like the disney version although the face is still very similar…

The idea was that the camera at the start would be closed in on the tower and as the camera slowly panned upwards the leaves/vines (I had animated before) would start to appear on the tower. Then once the camera had reached the top of the tower and you could see the princess the camera would start zooming outwards as doing so the princesses’ hair would start running down the front of the tower and the woods in the background start to move upwards from the bottom of the composition. We found out that this was a lot harder to do with the camera then first expected, but in the end we figured it out, because in one of my tutorials with Sara I had stumbled upon masking and we had decided to mask out everything but the the little viewing window, in place of the camera, and mimic the movement we wanted with that technique.

We had already decided that we would use the page turn effect for the leaves going up and the write on effect so the hair slowly grows downwards.

These are the final illustrated designs for the initial idea…

This has by far been my favourite project to date and I am learning so many things from this collaboration, it has been so beneficial. I has helped me improve not only my Illustration skills but also my skills on After Effects, which has in turn helped my studio practice. I have really enjoyed working for and with Sebastien and Lewis and it has been a great experience up until now and I am looking forward to the symposium where hopefully we will be showing the finished video, which is initially finished now but we still have improvements to make and finishing touches to add and we will be adding the finished video after the exhibition, along with images and a video of the installation.

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The Art of Looking Sideways- Untitled- Creative Review

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For todays seminar- in response to last weeks annotation review we had to decide which piece of text that we thought was most important to us and our practice. we we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of our chosen annotated texts last week and when I had decided on my final text I then reviewed why I had chosen this pice of text, our rational for choosing the text and why it is important to my practice. We then put our chosen texts into a layout that we thought reflected our chosen text the best and wrote a rational on why we thought that particular layout was important and reflected the text appropriately.

This was the layout I decided on because the book I took was from the art of looking sideways and whichever way you read this some of the text will always be sideways in your view. I had to remove a few of the quotes but maybe I will add them in at a later point, after it has been peer reviewed.

We then took our print outs into the the next seminar and had them reviewed by our peers on how we could improve them and make the layout better, as well as if the layout made sense.


Using the feedback we are then to go on and improve our chosen layout in response and will be given feedback on our response to our original design and how we have used the feedback to improve. I received a fair amount of feedback and it made me consider things that in my first attempt that hadn’t even considered, although it was all good feedback. It also made me think more about the design considerations that I really should have the fist time such as do things line up, how big are the gaps between each text box and one of the comment was to try and make a path using the direction the text was placed, which would be cool but challenging and possibly impractical. The idea was that its called ‘the art of looking sideways’ and so that when reading any one pice of the text that other pieces of text would always be sideways in comparison, hover i realise there are other ways to do this and so I only try to improve it.

Jay- Illustrator layout and designs

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Today we loped back around to Jay and continued working with our cereal box designs. This time formatting them in illustrator. At first we downloaded the net and set it to the correct measurements, which were roughly- W= 231, H= 167 (minus the .00) with the original measurements of the background image being W=257 with the locked ratio making the height roughly- H=197 before we traced over it using the pen tool. once traced we added guides to make the fold point line up when printed, which we will be doing next week.


I wanted to maybe take a different approach to approach to my cereal box designs hover I am also limited in the amount of time that I have left to complete this project along with all of the other projects that have to be completed and so I decided to stick with my disney theme. I also wanted to keep it simple and vector based so that there wasn’t to much going on with my packaging design and I also wanted it to still be fun so I added a game onto the back, which most cereal box’s have. this way it would appeal to the younger generation.

I realise now that i should have maybe tried to work with peter pan instead of tinker bell to make it more of a unisex cereal, because I am aware that it will probably target girls more than boys however peter pan cereal could be released in tandem as a separate cereal- or in series on after the other as promotional material.

Rob Lycett- Redacted Text- lecture 4

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This week we had to bring in 3 pieces of annotated texts with the length of about 250-500 word (with no images) and then in our groups of 3 we had to explain them, why we had picked them and which was our strongest piece of text and why. I liked hearing about the others work in my group and it was interesting hearing them speak about what they thought was best and why. I found it hard however to do the same because two of my texts were very similar but old work, which I had taken time over so were thought through however I felt because of there similarities it was hard to pick a stronger text ad also I didn’t really like them anyway. however the other text although good was only roughly annotated and was not as strongly argued and I realised that I wash font of any of the pieces of text but that if I was to continue forward with one it would be the third one and I would go into more detail at a later date and then I would annotate it in more depth later or I would pick another piece of text with more time to consider it.

In my group we had talked about this quite quickly and realised we had a long time left during the session so we decided to play the game where you each draw a part of a drawing fold it over and then the next person continues it. Because we were in threes we drew in three parts and we drew three in total so that we each had a got at each of the sections.


On the meet bill design (on the right) after realising how well it seemed to work, but also its resemblance to the bananas in pyjamas we added stripes. For that design I did the upper body and the stripes- for the design on the left I designed the lower body and for the middle design I drew the head. I found that the actually almost worked together when you mixed and matched them and mine fit together quite nicely.

It was a challenging assignment compared to the first and it was good practice to hear how others rationalised and defended their own chosen texts and why. Although we had decided quickly I feel like they were well though out decisions as to why we picked the texts that we decided on and the got tutor feedback. It was also interesting being put on the side of defence and trying to defend my own reasons for my chosen text and in the end I decided on ‘the art of looking sideways’ and felt that even though it was going to be harder and I could have easily chosen either of the others because of how similar to each other they were, I felt that is one was more interesting and more challenging a task to accomplish and therefore a good decision and good practice to not always take the easy way out.

Backlogged Lectures

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For the last 2 weeks I missed both Alison and pete’s lectures due to various course rep meetings and personal development meeting with my tutor spencer and so I thought that it would be a little difficult to blog about lectures, which I only attended half of so I have decide not blog about them although I have review the material which was posted online.

Sara’s Workshop- Week 5- Live Brief

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Today we worked on a live brief- working on an info graphics animation, which we will add the final overall video when complete. We created these animations using statistics loosely based around Huddersfield and surrounding places (which may or may not be slightly out of date in some cases) and this animation will also be put together with the other groups into an independent video with the other stats on the uni and student life etc.

Using illustrator we started to put together our 2 slides of information, each at 5 seconds of footage each (or we could choose just one of the statistics and create that as 10 seconds) and we had to consider font and the what will work well and also what we can accomplish in the limited amount of time that we have.

(for the key colour yellow we were given the RGB- R=235, G=227, B=50)

period of overlap between scenes- leave a few frames at the start of the slide for the changeover.

After the break we then continued on with animating the work we had first produced on illustrator…

The effects used for the type…

  • Fade up characters
  • Fade up lines
  • Fade up words

Other effects used

  • Write on
  • Scale- position
  • screen wipes for transition between slides

To create the screen wipe effect we created a new composition- new comp

W- 1920, H- 1080, 25 f/ps, 20 frames long

We then added a new solid which was w- 3000, H- 1080- we also effected it using distort- slant and put the playback head to 10 frames to start with- so that at 10 frames in the screen is consoled and then move the screen wipe position at 10 seconds on either side of the 10 frames.

Then we add all of the pre-comps to a main composition and add the swipe and then render out our animation- and this is my preliminary animation.

Vimeo video–>

Vimeo description–>

This was my first attempt at an info graphics animation- however I plan to have another tweak and play around with the effects I used because I feel like the is more that I can add and i want to learn more ways of using after affects.

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