Essay Initial Research

January 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

At first I considered writing my essay on semiotics because it was interesting and straightforward enough. But then we had a lecture on propaganda posters and considered that as a potential essay topic and found that I had a lot to say about them but it would probably be hard for me to write a good essay about it.

However we then had a lecture by Peter Norris in which he introduce expanded forms of creative advertising, specifically billboard advertising, which I find extremely interesting and wanted to look into that as a n essay topic.


My original idea for my essay was to write about Creative advertising and why is it effective? In this essay I would look at why creative advertising is effective and I want to look at how outdoors advertising, and more specifically billboard advertising is effective and why. I would first be writing about the influence that outdoors advertising can have and why it is effective if it is effective. I would then discuss whether outdoor advertising is still as longer as effective as it used to be and argue both points of the argument. And lastly I will look at the influence that advertising has had on me as a designer.

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