Spencer Roberts Lecture Filled In By Anneka

January 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

In this lecture- our lecturer Spencer was ill so it was filled in for by another tutor of ours who decided to use the time to show us the work that she does outside of university, what interests her and what she’s working on and also to show us that contrary to popular belief as she put it ‘tutors DO have a life outside of university’.

She started with her interest in the ‘uncanny’- which was originally conceived by Sigmund Freud, something we had already discussed in previous lectures by Spencer in term 1. she also wanted us to copy down quotes that she put in her presentation that she found useful-

(interested in ‘the uncanny’)

  • “It is not so much darkness itself but the process of bringing the light that is uncanny. The uncanny is what comes out of the darkness.”

-Nicolas Royle, The Uncanny

  • “To make the invisible visible is uncanny”

-Paul De Man, resistance to theory

(interested in ‘liminal space’)

something that is public and something that is private= liminal space. for example glimpsing into other worlds through windows art night…

(she is also interested in ‘time’)

The knowledge that the eye can only process a number of frames per second

  • (how many frames a second can the eye see?)

Animators especially they work a lot with time

(interested in the idea of ‘doubling’)

  • “Doubling offers another disturbing and yet familiar personae in ways of telling the self; permutations of inner and outer selves catalyse uncanny plots about identity”

-Marina Warner, fantastic metamorphoses, other worlds

  • Doubling- multiple roles/personalities
  • who we become through different roles and with/around other people

Thus the miniscule, a narrow gate, opens up an entire world

A magnifying glass gives a ‘fresh eye before a new object’ (inspiration for brief- Pan Macmillan)

  • with a glass in his hand he returns to the garden, ou les enfants regardent grand [where children see enlarged, pp155]

-Gaston Bachelard, the poetics of space

(Google earth- when that came along it changed our view and experience of time, earth and space)

(interested in ‘Technologies’)

-Thomas Nagel- ‘a view from nowhere’

…A photograph is not ‘an interpretation of the real’; it is also a trace directly stencilled off the real, like a footprint or a death mask.

…A photograph is never less than ‘the registration of an emanation’- a material vestige of its subject in a way that no painting can be. [pp154] Susan Sontag, on photography


After going through all of this she asked us to turn to the person next to us and then take a picture of them, once the picture was taken she asked us to write a little on who was more real…

In my opinion ‘the photograph is only like the real but the real, it is still life and so is both like them but not like them at the same time. Some pose for pictures presenting what they want you to see and some pictures are unguarded and therefore you see a fragment of there true self or maybe still what they want you to see subconsciously. A photograph only shows one Fawcett of a persons character, just one vie, only showing you a part of the picture and not the whole story.’ links back to the quote- not to judge a book by its cover.

other work we looked at…

  • Daniel Rozen, Peg man
  • Dark matters- (Anneke Pettican)- WWW.darkmattersart.co

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