My Personal Vectors- The Gilmore Girls

January 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

For my 6th vectored image I decided to round it up with 2 vectored people in one image, because i was creating something for my friends christmas present anyway. I knew that she really like the Gilmore girls and decided to vector the lead characters on put the onto packaging of the mug so that she could ‘drink coffee like a Gilmore’

GGcoffee cup template final


I enjoyed working on this and the fact that it wasn’t something that I was being told to produce and that I was completing it in my own time for my own benefit and that it would also be a nice gift for the friend that made it for. it was also nice completing this project after only weeks ago being very unsure of how to produce people on illustrator to a certain standard that I felt was expected of me and I also liked that it looked like my illustrations while at the same time improved and I feel like I have developed my own minimal style of creating vectors of people in illustrator. This vector is less minimal then the others but I wanted it that way and I think that the vector and the ease with which I use Illustrator has improved a lot. I also enjoyed that this was a gift that could give to someone, which made this one seem much more accomplished because it wasn’t just for my gain although it was freely given. I still have my eyes to work on now though and hopefully she I have more free time I can work on them.


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