My Personal Vectors- Charlotte

December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

For my 5th vector I vectored another student, however this time studying law and not illustration, animation or psychology. I feel like this illustration also came out very well and I really enjoyed doing them. I have also found that I have a consistent style which runs through my previous illustration to this.



It was hard uploading this image because the colours I used in illustrator changed when I blogged it ever so slightly in some of the images to make this image in particle have a very bright pink skin tone. she still looks a little pink but at a more manageable level and at some point when I have time I will change the file so it is saved for web and so that colours are less likely to change. This image looks very much like my last vectors and it doesn’t look like have improved much but I have improved so much since starting and this was done so much quicker and with much more ease then the first vectors that I attempted weeks ago. when this weekly project has concluded maybe I can continue it later in the year and try more complex vectors.


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