Projection Mapping Project- Initial Ideas

December 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

At the end of my first year I joined a groups called CollabHub, which I had heard about through a friend. Its main purpose is for people of all disciplines to get together and to pitch ideas and get involved in projects that others are interested in or need specific help with. its all voluntary, freelance work and it doesn’t even have to be something you are good at, just something you enjoy although you can spin it to work in your favour on occasion. In the first meeting of term for my second year, a graduate student named sebastian pitched his idea of wanting to do project mapping. Projection mapping is where you come up with a designed space and project bits of film or animation to fit the working area using a special projector. He said he had done something similar before but wanted to get people of all different disciplines involved and see what we could create together. Initially I wasn’t sure that I would get involved because I wasn’t very good at animation, however I decided to put my name forward anyway, because I was interested in trying something new.

At the first meeting we talked about what he was specifically looking for and the specifics involved when projection mapping. at first he wanted us all to input on designing a space/layout that we would map our films and animations onto. Pip, the girl who had originally introduced me to CollabHub was also involved in this project, and is an animation student also in her second year. she ended up designing the initial layout that Seb liked for this project, which was then later put into Cinema 4D to represent the 3D model and work out the sizes. Bronwyn, Another girl working on this project put together Pip’s design into cinema 4D and created the layout and the correct box sizes. He though that maybe, practically there were too many boxes and so he wanted the design to be more simplified for when the design would be created physically for the installation.

After we had decided on a final layout, I thought that I could finally start thinking about how I could work the boxes to my advantage. I didn’t want to come up with something to complex without the final designs in case it didn’t work with the design, however I already had a vague idea that I wanted to work with vines growing because it was something I was comfortable I could create in after effects. I then met up with Bronwyn because after discussing my idea with the group she had some good ideas of where my idea could go and we decided it would be nice to collaborate for this project and produce smoothing that we would both enjoy working on and both hopefully like the outcome of that worked well with our skills. We thought that it would be a good idea to create fairytale scene, there were no requirements on what the design had to be and we just thought it would be a nice way of testing our limitations and strengths on illustrator and after effects. We thought that Rapunzel would be a good design choice, with vines growing up the tower. And it rounded the project of nicely, having originated from Germany and Sebastian being also from Germany.

It was also interesting coming up with idea and collaborating not only with Bronwyn, the animator but also Sebastian and later his partner Lewis for music and sound design from a friend of my mine called Alex who is currently doing is masters in sound design.


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