Layer Sketch Animation

December 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

For the third animation workshop we had I decided that I wanted all of my animations so sort of link together, but still be a little random at the same time. My first animation was of Emma Stone and my second animation of me rotoscoping a friend of mine called Tommy, who coincidentally looks like Tom Fletcher from Mcfly, so I wanted to keep to this them of celebrity and identity. At first this animation was to signify how its hard to keep your identity a secret when you are in the media, and it developed into a wanted add because of curiosity in magazines and in the papers and how we must know who everyone in the spotlight is, and what there up to. We were asked to sketch out an image three times by hand and after scanning the images in and editing the images on photoshop so that they lined up and layered together almost perfectly with a few anomalies of them being slightly different sketches. we then put them ion a new composition and looped the images so that it lasted the flu 10 seconds and imitated movements and then we went on to play around with learning how to draw text onto the composition, so that it looked like it was being wrote over the images in after effects and then I also decided to take it a step further and have a look at other text presets for finishing my animation.

This is the link to my Vimeo video —>

I really like how well this worked given how simple an effect that it was and how simple the image that I chose was, but I found that they fit really well and that I enjoyed working on this project in the tutorial.


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