My Personal Vectors- Pip

December 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is the third vector that I decided to do. I decided to make it a weekly challenge and to vector someone new each week for a minimum of six weeks. At the moment I pan to focus on females however afterwards I hope to improve my illustrator skills while vectoring males also. This is a friend of mine called Pip who also studies animation at university with me.


I plan to re-do this vector because I am not as happy with it as I have been with my previous vectors, it just isn’t quite right. the face looked ok- sort of but the colours rant quite the way I want them and the hair was only done with half the effort really if I am being honest. I have already decided that I will be re-doing Pip at a later date with a different background image to work with and also develop my skills when it comes to vectoring curly hair.

The style that I have developed for myself is very minimalist and it gets easier and easier each time, although some might see it as not very good, I like how simplistic the vectors end up looking although I might try to do more complex vectors in the future. I have really enjoyed working on the vectors so far, mainly I think because this is a project that I am doing for me, it is my own brief and therefore a little less serious and fun because I decide if it works, if I like it and whether it needs improvement. Of course everyone is always going to have an opinion and everything can be improved but its nice not being restricted or limited by others opinions. This particular image out of all of the vectors I have done so far needs the most improvement, especially the hair. Its not bad but it is very basic and could be a lot better.


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