My Personal Vectors- Charlotte

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For my 5th vector I vectored another student, however this time studying law and not illustration, animation or psychology. I feel like this illustration also came out very well and I really enjoyed doing them. I have also found that I have a consistent style which runs through my previous illustration to this.



It was hard uploading this image because the colours I used in illustrator changed when I blogged it ever so slightly in some of the images to make this image in particle have a very bright pink skin tone. she still looks a little pink but at a more manageable level and at some point when I have time I will change the file so it is saved for web and so that colours are less likely to change. This image looks very much like my last vectors and it doesn’t look like have improved much but I have improved so much since starting and this was done so much quicker and with much more ease then the first vectors that I attempted weeks ago. when this weekly project has concluded maybe I can continue it later in the year and try more complex vectors.


Projection Mapping Project- Initial Ideas

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At the end of my first year I joined a groups called CollabHub, which I had heard about through a friend. Its main purpose is for people of all disciplines to get together and to pitch ideas and get involved in projects that others are interested in or need specific help with. its all voluntary, freelance work and it doesn’t even have to be something you are good at, just something you enjoy although you can spin it to work in your favour on occasion. In the first meeting of term for my second year, a graduate student named sebastian pitched his idea of wanting to do project mapping. Projection mapping is where you come up with a designed space and project bits of film or animation to fit the working area using a special projector. He said he had done something similar before but wanted to get people of all different disciplines involved and see what we could create together. Initially I wasn’t sure that I would get involved because I wasn’t very good at animation, however I decided to put my name forward anyway, because I was interested in trying something new.

At the first meeting we talked about what he was specifically looking for and the specifics involved when projection mapping. at first he wanted us all to input on designing a space/layout that we would map our films and animations onto. Pip, the girl who had originally introduced me to CollabHub was also involved in this project, and is an animation student also in her second year. she ended up designing the initial layout that Seb liked for this project, which was then later put into Cinema 4D to represent the 3D model and work out the sizes. Bronwyn, Another girl working on this project put together Pip’s design into cinema 4D and created the layout and the correct box sizes. He though that maybe, practically there were too many boxes and so he wanted the design to be more simplified for when the design would be created physically for the installation.

After we had decided on a final layout, I thought that I could finally start thinking about how I could work the boxes to my advantage. I didn’t want to come up with something to complex without the final designs in case it didn’t work with the design, however I already had a vague idea that I wanted to work with vines growing because it was something I was comfortable I could create in after effects. I then met up with Bronwyn because after discussing my idea with the group she had some good ideas of where my idea could go and we decided it would be nice to collaborate for this project and produce smoothing that we would both enjoy working on and both hopefully like the outcome of that worked well with our skills. We thought that it would be a good idea to create fairytale scene, there were no requirements on what the design had to be and we just thought it would be a nice way of testing our limitations and strengths on illustrator and after effects. We thought that Rapunzel would be a good design choice, with vines growing up the tower. And it rounded the project of nicely, having originated from Germany and Sebastian being also from Germany.

It was also interesting coming up with idea and collaborating not only with Bronwyn, the animator but also Sebastian and later his partner Lewis for music and sound design from a friend of my mine called Alex who is currently doing is masters in sound design.

My Personal Vectors- Shanine

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For my fourth vector I illustrated an illustrator student that I know, which was quite ironic. I quite enjoyed vectoring her and thought that the vectors came out quite well. there are parts of the vector that are not quite right but I think that is something that will come with time and practice.


I think that this vector went moderately well and it was a little bit harder because of the angle she was in the the pack round image, being a lot closer to the lens that took the picture, making her hair and body of a larger proportion than the first few. However I found that I really enjoyed it, but want to work on my eyelashes, especially when seen in this close up. The hair could also be done again and much better in my opinion although this is an improvement I think from the last one, although I need to work on making my eyes different and not just defaulting to what I know I can do.

Layer Sketch Animation

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For the third animation workshop we had I decided that I wanted all of my animations so sort of link together, but still be a little random at the same time. My first animation was of Emma Stone and my second animation of me rotoscoping a friend of mine called Tommy, who coincidentally looks like Tom Fletcher from Mcfly, so I wanted to keep to this them of celebrity and identity. At first this animation was to signify how its hard to keep your identity a secret when you are in the media, and it developed into a wanted add because of curiosity in magazines and in the papers and how we must know who everyone in the spotlight is, and what there up to. We were asked to sketch out an image three times by hand and after scanning the images in and editing the images on photoshop so that they lined up and layered together almost perfectly with a few anomalies of them being slightly different sketches. we then put them ion a new composition and looped the images so that it lasted the flu 10 seconds and imitated movements and then we went on to play around with learning how to draw text onto the composition, so that it looked like it was being wrote over the images in after effects and then I also decided to take it a step further and have a look at other text presets for finishing my animation.

This is the link to my Vimeo video —>

I really like how well this worked given how simple an effect that it was and how simple the image that I chose was, but I found that they fit really well and that I enjoyed working on this project in the tutorial.

My Personal Vectors- Pip

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This is the third vector that I decided to do. I decided to make it a weekly challenge and to vector someone new each week for a minimum of six weeks. At the moment I pan to focus on females however afterwards I hope to improve my illustrator skills while vectoring males also. This is a friend of mine called Pip who also studies animation at university with me.


I plan to re-do this vector because I am not as happy with it as I have been with my previous vectors, it just isn’t quite right. the face looked ok- sort of but the colours rant quite the way I want them and the hair was only done with half the effort really if I am being honest. I have already decided that I will be re-doing Pip at a later date with a different background image to work with and also develop my skills when it comes to vectoring curly hair.

The style that I have developed for myself is very minimalist and it gets easier and easier each time, although some might see it as not very good, I like how simplistic the vectors end up looking although I might try to do more complex vectors in the future. I have really enjoyed working on the vectors so far, mainly I think because this is a project that I am doing for me, it is my own brief and therefore a little less serious and fun because I decide if it works, if I like it and whether it needs improvement. Of course everyone is always going to have an opinion and everything can be improved but its nice not being restricted or limited by others opinions. This particular image out of all of the vectors I have done so far needs the most improvement, especially the hair. Its not bad but it is very basic and could be a lot better.


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This week in Darren’s seminar we had a look through his collection of books and with the person next to us discussed what we found particularly interesting about the book and why, and we then shared our thoughts with the group. The first book I looked at in my pair was simplicity by Edward de Bono- I liked how the book really was simple, like the title, I also liked how there was a quote roughly on every other page, which broke up the text and makes the book easier and simpler to read but mostly I liked that book had a more physical interactivity and that you could answer the questions in the book and then follow on and see his answers and then think about it again.



The next story I looked at was 99 ways to tell a story. I though that this book was very clever because the whole book is populated by the same story but it is told in several completely different styles but you still know what is being said. My favorite pages being a happy couple and an unhappy couple, where they are exactly the same apart from the facial expressions change.

I thought that this seminar was useful because it was helpful to our reflective writing skills and how we would approach a quick summery of something such as a book, and discuss why it was interesting, useful and how it could be helpful to our practice. It was also good work for the purpose of the blog and also because it was a way of introducing new academic works but also design styles that we might not have com across before.

Securing a Placement Tutorial

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Form a group of between 3 or 5 people.

There are a range of useful resources such as links to professional advice from professional animators, designers and organizations and PDFs on how to put together portfolios etc

As a group we had to determine the key aspects of searching for and securing a placement:

  •  identifying how to find companies that might be interested in taking you on a placement
  •  considering the best way to make first contact with these companies
  •  putting together and designing a showreel or portfolio
  •  showing this showreel or portfolio to the companies you are interested in
  •  obtaining useful feedback
  •  following up on your first contact
  • In 3 hours – we had to work as a group to produce a well designed digital presentation (PDF, PowerPoint etc) that professionally communicates our findings and opinions regards the 6 key aspects above and any other information you think is vital for a student trying to secure a placement.
    we had to then have this ready to present to the group by 12.15pm

However Darren was ill and so we had to e-mail him our power point presentation for which we were then given feedback for after we had submitted it. we did fairly well although he wanted us to think about the design aspects of it a little more so that it stands out.

I think that this helped in response to our own personal development when looking for placements and that we learned a little bit more about what companies and potential employers are looking for when it comes to our work and professional practice. I also think it also gave everyone something to think about when it comes to working towards placement and a guide as to not only what we will need but also what we will gain from placement year.

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