Essay Abstract

November 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this lecture we went over the essay structure and format.

My notes…

Darren Raven 28/11/14

  • Essay abstract- in for December the 18th
  • Who, what, where, when, how, whyà your subject/theme/topic
  • Point à example à explain

  • How useful it is to you
  • How hard/easy it is to find resources
  • How you can integrate various topics

Theme 1 how useful is creative advertising- essay structure

  • 500-word essay
  • Roughly 3 pages of A4, 12pt text, double line spacing
  • Structure….

  1. Introduction- help the reader become involved- point and what it is, should include a min outline- first off, next and end with a transitional hook- moves the reader on to the next session
  2. A narration section- contains strongest, most obvious argument, beginning point, best illustration. Provide history of the argument and current context. The circumstances that lead to the claim and why it is relevant.
  3. A confirmation section- contains supporting arguments, examples of quotations and illustrations, supporting evidence and data. And briefly explain the link between section 1 and 2
  4. A refutation section- contains contrasting or conflicting argument- you then briefly discount/refute this argument- shows that you can back up your claim
  5. Conclusion- you should include a restatement of the original argument- summery of the main pints. What you have discussed and a final statement indicating that it has come to an end
  6. Bibliography- APA 6th referencing, trusted sources- not jus blogs etc.… (Opinions), current and


  • Images and diagrams- referenced in text
  • Clearly relevant
  • Captioned appropriately
  • Good quality images



  • Via turn-it-in
  • Appropriate format- word/PDF
  • No feedback if it is submitted late

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