Cinema 4D Final E-sting part 1

November 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this tutorial with Jay we started to put our final design ideas into cinema 4D so that we could create our final E-sting poster. it started off fairly well for me, and I started with drawing up my design as a flat image in illustrator so that I could then go on to extrude my objects in cinema 4D. This started well but I never managed to finish due to personal issues however I fully intend to finish my poster over Christmas at the first opportunity I can.

These were my initial designs that I started before I had to leave—>

We had a look at first working with presets that were already created and then I went on to start designing my sketch in illustrator. It looks a little flat at the moment however it would be extruded in cinema 4d and angled so that it is the structure of the room in my initial sketch and the gaps would be filled in with E4 shaped clock. The design could be turned into a GIF and the hands could be animated to spin and/or the clocks could melt off the wall.


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