Roots- Chris Margerison

November 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

For the very first brief that we were given I was looking of some inspiration of where to take my project next when we were given a lecture that included this collaberated animation by Chris Margerison and Jamie Hamilton—>

I found that I really liked everything about this video- I thought that the song was catchy and that I really liked the design style and how simple yet effective it was and how they both woke well together. And although at first I put it out of my mind as merely something interesting while I tried to get back into the flow of work, however while I was still distracted I decided to re-visit the video and found that the tree stuck with me and it inspired the thoughts of how trees grow and the significance that can have in other situations. I was drawn to idea that sometime we say things we don’t mean or when we don’t realise there affect, just the roots of a reaction to something or someone that we can often try to belittle or put down, sometimes without conscious thought and often though the words can start small they can often grow and evolve into things not previously anticipated or unthought of at the time and can almost take on a life of there own. Much like trees, which start small but overtime grow and become something more than just roots.

This lead me to attempting an animation/motion graphics, whig is something that I have never tried before. and it turned out that I really liked it, even thug the year before I hated everything to do with after effects, learning it off my own back and doing something for me really opened up my eyes to how much I really like the software. I found that I really liked after effects and plan to use it a lot more in the future and for my practice if I can.

Whilst looking another video that also influenced this project for me was The Hunter (theatrical Instillation) by Davy and Kristin McGuire, I found that this was also something that reinforced my idea about animating the my tree of words. Although this is also seemingly unrelated to my practice i found it beautiful and I really wanted to test the idea of animating a tree.

The Hunter (theatrical Instillation) by Davy and Kristin McGuire—>

Vimeo Description

For my conversation brief this year I decided to ‘branch’ out and create an animation that could relate to my work. The concept behind this animation was to show how words can hurt, and although they can start off as innocent they can soon grow until you have no control over the effects it will have. Its fairly simple but I also think that it is very effective. This was just one of my rough drafts but I think that simplicity of it is really effective.

This is rough of the animate that I am working on—>

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