Modern Life Is Rubbish?

October 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this theory lecture with Anna we continued on a little from the last lecture and looked at the end of Art Nouveau and then moved on to look at cubism and futurism. I found that parts of this lecture interested me but there were also parts that I didn’t particularly enjoy- however here lecture was very well taught.

My notes…

Anna Powell- modern life is rubbish- 31/10/14


Modern life is rubbish?

Revolutionizing the image,

Style, cubism and futurism

The canon- what the ‘perfect’ body look was… (apparently)

-Mathematically correct/symmetry

The end of Art Nouveau…

  • Decorative elements not being modern enough
  • Fashion changes
  • Different trades coming together reduced hierarchy

Because of the First World War customer base changed towards propaganda…

Lucian Bernard- exposed to work by the Bergstaff Brothers- transitional period between Art Nouveau and Modernism

Lucian Bernardà Priester matches poster- ethos- addition by subtraction (less is more)


– Set of the idea of the object being designed for being place on the tin- ‘image on the tin’

Woodblock print showed the object with negative space- like the object/images are floating- no background

sex in the city poster


How you can see what the image represents- however without the text would it still be as well communicated?

Challenges the brain and the eyes with what you see and makes your brain work for it.

Cubism marked the dramatic shift in how people were represented in reality

  • Changes the way you look at the world
  • Bringing in movement and passing of time
  • Distorted and fragmented

(Pablo Picasso and George Brakk)

Juste De L’eau by Carlos De Carvalho- video

  • Cubism- Fernand Leger- attitudes to space- used experimentation- experimented with type
  • Jamie Reid (1997 sex pistols)

Sense of movement- as images move- your eyes/brain record it

  • Contemporary cubist influences
  • (Illustrated film covers)
  • Source code/total recall- film covers


  • Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, 1909 (born in Italy)
  • Embrace of the machine/modern city
  • Rejection of everything in the past
  • Had an impact on modernism




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