Can Art Be Taught?

October 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this lecture with spencer we discussed James Elkins- types of knowing and whether art can be taught… I didn’t Write a lot on this lecture but I found it really intestine.

My notes…

Spencer Roberts- 27/10/14


Can art be taught?

James Elkins and types of knowing

-Sees artistic knowledge and understanding as the best knowledge you can have but completely impractical outside of a studio

(What becomes really important in a crit session- is about finding a balance- cant look at it rationally- people shouldn’t look at it like a rational conversation)

-Why art cant be taught/artists with PhD’s

-Freedom in arts education

-Bauhaus- 1919-1933- after 1933 you start to get much more overlap between disciplines

-Studio based conversations don’t reach an ultimate end- drift from topic to topic- informal- things related to your work

-Not coming to terms with a range of fundamental difficulties- the conversation somehow reflects what is going on in art itself

Idea that….

  • Art as an open concept- art endlessly changes
  • Might result in some kind of growth

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