The Design Problem

October 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today we looked at design problems with Darren and although it was a brief lecture which only asted an hour it was fairly interesting.

My notes…

Darren Raven- Tuesday lecture 21/10/14

Concurrent activities- looking at current work to better understands the brief and the project.

A day in the life- trying to approach a problem/project from another’s perspective- to challenge the assumptions and gain a new point of view.

Personas- personas act as a constant referral, helping to focus and keep the design activities aimed at a target audience.


Co-design- enables users to become part of the design process as experts of their experience building authenticity within design outcomes.

Story telling- having a clear interesting narrative within your design presentation helps keep clients and intended audience engaged.


Visibility testing- this means observing and asking a number of users about the use of existing or future design outcomes in everyday situations


  • Determine
  • Discover
  • Delve
  • Define
  • Develop
  • Deliver


IDEO + Jane Fulton Suri- (ethnography- research people through listening to their life stories) –learning form them


Thoughtless Acts- a book by Jane


How people are and how they look at the world around them

-“Things we do without really thinking”




  • Nelson
  • Copland
  • Alice

– Books on how people interact/engage with books and the technology around them.


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