Design in context 2

October 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

In this lecture we met our new lecturer Anna and I really like her lectures, they are very clear and she has a lot of experience and you can tell that she really enjoys what she teaches. In this lecture she mainly went over our timetable for the term and told us about herself and her previous work history.

my notes…

Anna Powell lecture 1- 10/10/14

Design practice on context 2

  • Lecture 1- what is in a theory
  • Lecture 2- semiotics and the making of meanings. Text and image, semiotics and fashion
  • Lecture 3- style, form and iconography (iconology)
  • Lecture 4- Modern life is rubbish (revolutionising the image)
  • Lecture 5- Part 2 ‘futurism’
  • Lecture 6
  • Lecture 7
  • Lecture 8- postmodernity

Auteur theory

  • Tim Burton
  • Wes Anderson
  • Alfred Hitchcock

Theory, Practice and History- all interconnect

Anthony Burrell “I like it. What is it?”

We need the tools and language to be able to explain our practice and ideas.

Daniel Eatock

Conceptual designer

“The idea becomes the machine that becomes the art”- Sol Le Witt


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