Spencer Robert’s Introduction

October 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

In the first lecture that we and with spencer we looked at the timetable for the future weeks in the lecture series and he also talked us though the subjects a little, this was good because it is nice to have in idea of where we will be going.

Lecture series- Spencer Roberts- 06/10/14

  • Looking into the relationships between art and design
  • How does art and design fit into the institution
  • All art and design got lumped together under the category of visual arts, when it was first being accepted in the educational institutions- when the arts were allowed into education
  • Lots of overlapping disciplines with that many people with a varied range of interests were put together
  • Lots of overlapping interests but also very different processes
  • Lots of emphasis on collaboration.


  • Week 2- 14/10/14- Inter-disciplinarity, Trans-disciplinarity, Multiplicity and Pluralism
  • Week 3- 20/10/14- Context of history and art and design education
  • Week 4- 27/10/14- Types of knowing: can art and design be taught
  • Week 5- 03/11/14- The ‘problem’ of research in art and design
  • Week 6- 10/11/14- Workshop week
  • Week 7- 17/11/14- The art-orientated critique of the application of design research methods and generic research methods to art-orientated contexts
  • Week 8- 24/11/14- Arte-povera, modernism and material practice (second wave of PBR)

All about complexity-/ narrative focuses on experience (experiential forms of arguments.

  • Week 9- 01/12/14- Art network theory and mode to research
  • Week 10- 8/12/14- The discourse of objects in art, design, curatorship and research
  • Week 11- 15/12/14- Summary: understanding the affective turns in educational and research contexts.

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