Peter Norris Introduction Lecture

October 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

In our first lecture with Peter Norris he Blah gave us an introduction to business and marketing and the value of it to our course. I found this lecture interesting because in A-levels I had done financial studies and I also had a workshop with him in my first year and we had already discussed the lectures and talked about marketing and business before.

My notes…

Lecture series week 1- Peter Norris- 06/10/14

  • Independence, self-thinking, analysis ability
  • This is my life what I want
  • I need to be confident in my work, be able to go out into the world, get a job and not need guidance every step of the way
  • Failure I can learn from but regret is inescapable
  • Make the most out of life
  • Big companies will be hiring for placement year now, however….
  • Little companies will be hiring around April
  • When I graduate what will I need
  • Go and talk to companies
  • Talk about what is needed
  • Engage with the industry (work shadowing)
  • What job do I really want
  • Research design companies

(60-69% = 2:1)

(70%+ = 1st)

1st year = no input into our degree

2nd year = 1/3 of our degree

3rd year = 2/3s of our degree


You have to understand the brief

  • You need to think about the complexity of the brief
  • Where is it going to be showing? How? Design media?

(Take into account colour change- night and day/ how the colours will show in different lighting- when advertising things)

DESIGNER > < CLIENT- creative in different ways, different abilities of the mind

  • Engineers are convergent- they cut through a problem systematically
  • Designers are divergent- we can see around a problem

– We need to be able to explain the process of how we came up with our designs in a way that the client will understand- how and why?

– Need to help the client understand otherwise it is worthless

  • Designers are short term -> project after project
  • Customer/client interested in buying your designs- just because it is good doesn’t mean they will buy it you have to make them understand


  • Product orientated -> 95% of companies
  • Market orientated ->
Firms -> manufacturing -> Sits in a market ->
Management Competitors
Finance Suppliers
Marketing Customers
ETC… Clients


The person who commissions your work/product may not be the person who will buy it.

  • Prove o the client that it can sell

National economy

  • Geographic entity- a country
  • Private sector- firms/ private companies
  • Public sector- Finance by tax, schools, government, police, armed service, hospitals etc.
  • Government/law

Think about different cultures and customs when branding, creating and naming a product

Global economy -> world trade/economic blocks

  • Global economy = natural disaster
  • National economy = war/tumult/politics
  • Market = social change
  • Firm = technology change

Macro-economic<> Micro-economic

Price, product, promotion, place


  • Cost/ manufacture
  • Deliver
  • Package
  • Admin and management


  • High
  • 100% in some cases

Loss leaders- sometimes things are sold at a loss so that their other products can be sold.


  • Core product- what it mush do
  • Secondary product- why the consumer buys it


  • How you tell the market about it and persuade the market to buy it
  • Advertising
  • Pricing
  • Offers
  • And packaging


  • Where is it being mad available
  • Shop/internet
  • Place of consumption
  • Home/office


Write a letter- its often better then an e-mail

  • Know who you are writing to
  • Look at their websites- know what they do- “I looked at your website…” or “I like that you do this and I am interested in this…”
  • Know what you want to do
  • Believe in your abilities…

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