Essay Poster Inspiration 2- Animation Sequence Project

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Poster Idea 2- Post-It-Notes

I then moved on to the idea of a a post-it-note-poster, which I thought was clever way of making an interactive poster that is not defined by the frame. I thought also that it would be a good idea because of the way that it gives the user/viewer control of the pace and also how they interact with the content and how they choose to ‘see’ the poster. I really liked the idea of making a physical poster that can be constructed, deconstructed, moved, portrait or landscape, interactive and also flexible, with many other qualities.

However the drawbacks were that all tough post-it-notes are flexible in terms of position they are inflexible when considered for the amount of surface area given to work with and the required a lot of hand drawn typography. It would be hard to keep the Post-it-notes in good condition and the would be hard to keep stacked for the beginning of the poster.

But because I liked the idea still of an interactive poster and the flexibility of the post it notes, I talked to my tutor Rob and we decided that i would make the essay cards on the computer so that they are replaceable, and reusables and I would add the top of the post-it-note to the back of the cards so that they would retain the flexibility of the post-it-note. that way the peter can still be constructed, deconstructed, moved, portrait or landscape, interactive and also flexible, amongst other things.

These are examples of my poster cue cards without the text or editing—>

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Essay Poster Inspiration 1 – Animation Sequence Project

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During workshop week I participated in a fairytale workshop, where we learned that during the workshop we would each be completing a small section of the overall animation. Each piece that www ere each given would be 10 seconds long and added together using the square that would be a constant at the start and end of the scene.

(Link to workshop blog post—>)§/

Poster Idea 1- Animation

My initial idea was to have the poster animate by unfolding but I quickly moved on from this.

This project then lead on to inspire the concept for how I wanted my essay poster to look. Originally I thought about making my essay poster into an animation because I wanted the poster to reflect the overall message of the essay, which was about how expanded forms of advertising test the boundaries and are not defined by the frame. I felt like I need my essay “poster” to not be something static and stuck to in place, otherwise it wouldn’t fit the essay. There was a part in the animation sequence project (0:56 seconds) that directly inspired how I wanted my animation to work as a short motion paper graphics, using the page turn effect.

The inspiration for this was a project called the Animation Sequence project—>

However the more that I thought about it the more impractical the idea became because it would have to be quite lengthy for the read/viewer to be able to read the text or have some sort of user control to give the user/viewer as much time as he or she might need to read the information. It could also be quite time consuming to completer the animation in the time left to complete the “poster”.

Final Projection Mapping Animations

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Me and bronwyn met up and finalised our animation for or next meeting with Seb and Lewis. It had yet to asked but we were happy with what we had a achieved.

The first animation that me and Bronwyn completed—>

Once Seb and Lewis had taken a look at what we had completed, they had a few ideas for how we could make it a little better and after talking through what ideas we had also were thinking we met up again on our research day and finished of the improvements. We really enjoyed collaborating on this project together and both really like the outcome even though it is fairly simple. There are a few things that make the movie seem a little empty but the sky will be parts of the sky will be masked out later to match the box designs.

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Nick’s Final Typography Workshop

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In this final workshop we worked in teams of roughly six and had to work on the tsk together. We were continuing with our manual type that we created, in a larger scale using the 4×4 grid but with A3 paper. As a group we had to decide on a phrase that we could all create together and on whether we were going to stick with a single font or mix and/or layer the different fonts created individually together. After much debate we decided on the phrase “time for some type” and then we ended up paired in twos to create a word each. And then we all just mixed together for the last word. After a good couple of hours doing work that took a lot longer then expected, although would have probably been easier if we had decided sooner, we finished our phrase, which surprisingly looks better, ten I thought it would. Of course some fonts worked better then others together and were to nice fonts on there own which produced a nice result in places particularly on word 1 and 3 and the ‘y’ in type was also particularly nice. Unfortunately in my opinion the word I worked on was the worst but I didn’t like the font to start with I was hardly like to like it afterwards.

For the final typography workshop I found that enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would, although I still disliked my font, it was really interesting working in a group and seeing and working with other peoples type. However the group dynamic was a bit hard to balance at the beginning it was really interesting to where we ended up in the end after we had managed to sort everything out.

Essay Devlopment

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After writing my Abstract and receiving feedback I then decided that I would change tactic a little bit with my topic after doing some further research into Creative billboard advertising. I decided that I would then write my essay on ‘Exploring the history behind expanded forms of advertising’. This was interesting for me because once I started there was so much information and useful work that I could reference own and I had some help from one of my tutors spencer, which was invaluable.

I looked into Trompe L’oeil, Postmodernism and Situationism as my key areas of study and found a lot of similarities between the expanded forms of advertising and each of these areas of study.

The introduction to my essay…

In this essay I am interested in researching and exploring the history behind creative advertising, but more specifically the history behind billboard advertising that questions the frame as opposed to simply embracing it (e.g. the kill bill billboard by Saatchi and Saatchi, the McDonalds sun dial billboard by Leo Burnett and the economist light bulb billboard by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO). I am looking to research how creative advertising developed and I want to explore how creative billboard advertising differs from the more standard forms of advertising and to look at how it is a more contemporary form of advertising. I would also like to look into how creative advertising is as much concerned with the exploration of form as it is about the content. This essay will look into how creative advertising has combined artistic influences such as Trompe l’oeil, Postmodernism and Situationism – and how art, has ultimately influenced its form. (Footnote- Analysis of art in relation to advertising typically focuses upon content and conceptual analysis – I would like to shift the discussion to focus upon the material form of the advertisement)

(Brief summaries of the areas of study)

Trompe L’oeil is all about tricking the eye and creating some amazing illusions and Creative billboards are very similar to this, they can also draw your attention and trick and amaze you. Image 1 is a good example of Trompe L’oeil and how it was used as an illusion and Image 2 is a good example of how creative billboards can also create illusions.


Image 1: Shearer, J. (2015). Janet Shearer | Mural Art and Trompe L’Oeil Artist in Cornwall. Retrieved 24 March 2015, from

Image 2: Adland,. (2015). Nike’s transparent billboard – Nike wants you to slam into a wall.. Retrieved 24 March 2015, from


Postmodernism relates because it is almost like postmodern forms of advertising, with the way it isn’t confined to the frame and how it usually includes the surrounding environment. Image 3 is the Kill Bill billboard, which shows how the surrounding environment is incorporated and used in conjunction with billboard and how it isn’t confined to the frame. Image 4, although not technically a billboard, shows how expanded forms of advertising push against the frame and break the frame.

Image 3: Vasquez, D. (2015). For ‘Kill Bill,’ one killer of a billboard – Media Life Magazine. Retrieved 22 March 2015, from

Image 4: Gurp, M. (2009). Neglected Children are made to feel invisible – Osocio. Osocio. Retrieved 26 March 2015, from


And Situationism plays a part because it was all about stage spectacles, which were used to gain attention and make a point, and expanded forms of billboard advertising almost gives you no choice but to look with the way it has immersed itself into its surroundings.


I learned a lot whilst researching for this essay and actually it could be the best essay I have wrote for the course in the past two years, because I always manage to struggle writing essays. I also enjoyed some of the process of finding all the information and seeing where it leads, however I don’t think I will ever truly enjoy theory or essays, but of course i see how useful it is and why it is necessary we learn and study theory.

Cereal Box Further Development

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Following on from our workshops with jay I decided that I wanted to continue my cereal box development and decided to turn my cereal box into a two (maybe 3) part promotion and design a cereal box aimed at boys, because the first cereal box seemed more stereotypically marketed towards girls. Because my previous cereal box created was called Tinkerbell’s, based off of the Tinkerbell films and Peter Pan I decided to make a peter pan and maybe the lost boys also.

This was so that I could further develop my ideas and if this were a real product, it would be to open up to another market. I decided to do this because I really enjoyed working on this project and creating the cereal boxes. Although currently my ideas are just designs the could be made into actual cereal boxes at a later date. although they are only sketches i think that they would work really well with the first designs that completed.

Original designs

The idea for this series packaging was because I don’t feel like it has really been done before and that it would be a really nice piece of development work and complete the project. I enjoyed this project much more than the first cinema 4D project mainly because I am much more comfortable with working in illustrator or even after effects and find it easier to produce work using software that I am comfortable with.

Cereal Box Design

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In todays Wednesday tutorial we had rotated again so we were back to character designing with Jay. In todays session we finalised our cereal box design and saved our illustrator file as a high quality PDF to be sent to print.

rebecca boyes-major

When our final design was printed onto card we then cut the cereal box out and then photographed our prototype.

Overall there are a few mistakes with this packaging design, such as the nutritional information on the side not being centred and how I put the box together. However I really like my final product and I plan to continue but also creating another cereal as a part of a series and aiming it a little more at boys by designing a peter pan version of the cereal.